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single facer corrugated cardboard product line,packaging machinery

  • Packaging Line
  • New
  • Apparel, Beverage, Chemical, Commodity, Food, Machinery & Hardware, Medical
  • Cartons
  • Plastic, Wood, no package by full container loading
  • Automatic
  • Electric
  • 380V 50HZ 3Ph or customized
  • about 30-35kw
  • Hebei, China
  • Xinglong
  • DWJ-2000
  • 15000*5000*4000mm
  • about 10 tons
  • CE . BV
  • customized
  • packaging machinery
  • Engineers available to service machinery overseas

single facer corrugated cardboard product line ,

packaging machinery


1.Design speed:180m/min
3.Corrugated roller:320mm-360mm

1.Mechanical shaftless mill roll stand

It is equipped with four arms, support two mill roll paper, free change of paper roll in production anytime.

It is used electronic-control of paper roll to up and down, clamp and center.

It is equipped with torque clutch for arm-clamping and rotary-device.

It is used manual brake and pneumatic brake for the control of paper tension.

Expandable chuck (bulge style) is equipped to optimize paper efficiency.

2.320-360s Adsorb type single facer

Design speed: 180m/min

Expiry width: 1400mm-2200mm

Corrugated roller deminator: 320mm-360mm

Vacuum absorbable style transmits cardboard equipment with wind control.

Glue roller and upper roller are designed to group guide way slippage load, convenient and swift.

Gumball transmission, fission structure with unattached drive box, transmission more stable, close style gear transmission oiliness lubricated, prolongs the use life of gear.

The upper corrugating roller, pressure roller and glue roller adopt pneumatic control.

The axletree of corrugated and pressure roller and glue roller adopts high temperature resistant lube.

Adopting elect motion paste insulation set, the glue pans running separately while the main motor stopped, prevent paste from drying up.( choice install )

Electrically adjusted figure show the glue quantity or manual adjust the glue quantity.

The upper-lower corrugating rollers are made of 48CrMo high quality alloy steel, after heat-treatment. The rigidity is HRC 58-60, surfaces are whetted and plating chrome.

3.Swirling paper cutting machine

Swirling paper cutting machine is the for semi automatic production line. It has some characteristics such as advanced process, high efficiency, available to production in large amount comfortable working environment. It is satisfied equipment for small or middle cardboard box company to improve technology.

4.Flute laminator

The high speed, high precision flute laminator which developed by our Company is the most advanced in our country.

This machine operation is stable, joint accurate, easy operation, need not skilled


This machine is used for making Print paper and bottom paper(card paper, corrugated paper) match together accurately,then the paper level off,and high precision.

5. The whole production line includ the following machines:





Mechanical shaftless mill roll stand

1 set


320-360s Adsorb type single facer

1 set


Swirling paper cutting machine

1 set


Semi-auto flute laminator

1 set


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