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high speed manual double sevro type carton stitching machine

The machine adopts double servo motor control, high nailing speed, beautiful nail distance and adjustable nail distance. The main parts of the machine head are made of imported alloy steel, which is wear-resistant and has a life expectancy of 3-5 times that of ordinary machines. High, low energy consumption, low failure rate, easy operation, etc., is the ideal nail box equipment for modern carton factories.
  • DXJ1200

  • xinglong


Configuration parameters:
1. The servo motor controls the push paper, and the servo motor controls the head to nail.
2. The nail pitch can be adjusted freely from 30 to 120 mm.
3. The number of orders, the number of completed, the remaining quantity, the total length of the nail distance, and the number of nails are displayed on the computer screen.
4, nail speed can be adjusted 160-570 nails / minute.
5. The total motor power is 3KW.
6. Input voltage and frequency: 220V, 50Hz (export products have already met the voltage of the importing country)

Model Box height(mm) binding style Ribbonfil type Binding speed Motor
Single straight nail 18\20 280staples/min 600 180w/380v, customized acceptable
Single oblique nail
DXJ-900 45°double oblique nail 17\18 280staples/min 900 370w/380v customized acceptable
DXJ-1200 45°double oblique nail 17\18 280staples/min 1200
DXJ-1400 45°double oblique nail 17\18 280staples/min 1400
DXJ-1600 45°double oblique nail 17\18 280staples/min 1600
DXJ-1800 45°double oblique nail 17\18 280staples/min 1800



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