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corrugated cardboard NC cutoff machine

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corrugated cutoff machine

Rotary NC cutoff machine (for reference only):

Uses and features

1     Design Speed  200m / min.

2    Effective width   1400-2200mm

3    Length of cutting cardboard    500-9999mm

4    Precision of cutitng cardboard   ±1mm(in steady speed)

5    Transmission system adopts oil pump auto—cyc lubricate

6     Exact and adjustable no gap assure knife—edge joggle exactly,running balanceable.

7     Adopt “scissors”gradually cut ,little weapon,highprecision cutting.

8     Nc.automatic adjust cutting speed by cardboard specifications and prodution speed, assure in-phase.

9    Nc.reserve gruops of order,have separate interface of man and machine,the screen display varsous production message,can consult,modification,superaddition and cancel.



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