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automatic flexo printer slotter die cutter carton machinery manufacturer

  • Other, Flexo printer slotter rotary die cutter/corrugated carton machinery

  • Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Advertising Company

  • New

  • Apparel, Beverage, Chemical, Medical, Textiles, Food, Commodity, Machinery & Hardware

  • Film

  • Plastic, Wood

  • Automatic

  • Electric

  • 440/410/380v50hz customized

  • about 20kw

  • Hebei, China

  • Xinglong

  • about 4-10tons

  • customized

  • CE

  • Energy saving

  • optional

  • 150pc/min

  • one year

  • plastic or no package

  • making carton

  • High Efficiency

  • 120pcs/min

  • Making Carton

  • Automatic Packing Machine

  • Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Flexo printer slotter rotary die cutter/corrugated carton making machinery

Design according to high request and reliable function, humanization operation that can setting, revision, implement, changing and memories in short time, and display data.
All of drive rollers are made of high steel, hard chrome plated the surface with grinded.
Drive gears adopt high quality steel with heat treatment with grinded.
The main drive roller adopt keyless connect, decrease the connection gap, ensure printing precision.
Engineer oil automatic balance device, keep the oil level equal in each unit.
Phase adopts electric digital adjusting with “automatic zero return” and memories “function (options: PLC control touch screen)
Feeding type use lead edge or kick feeding.
Function of feeding unit:
Adopts lead edge feeding system. Adjust wind volume according on cardboard bending degree to ensure feeding paper smoothly.
Main motor start protecting device, when the machine units not be clocked, machine can not run.
Continuous and skip cardboard feeding options.
Double feeding rubber roller, the rubber roller has slot for prevent the overlarge pressure.
Front feeding rubber roller with air cylinder cushioning device, feeding accurately and stable, will not destroy the hardness of the cardboard when the feeding space is small.
The side baffles adopt electric digital control.(can add automatic or pneumatic aligning device) . The back baffle box be adjusted by motorized, the front baffles space adopts manual adjustment.
With brush dust-remove device with dust-absorption blower. Can adjust the wind volume accord the cardboard size.
Electric control units separation with warming belt, to ensure worker safe.
Electric counting device set production quantity, when complete the production automatically warm (if use touch screen control, adjust quantity though touch screen directly)
Function of printing unit:
The printing roller adopt stemless steel pipe, the surface be grinded, hard chrome plated, balance correction, running smoothly.
With quickly change printing plate device, when load or unload printing plate, foot switch electric control roller run clockwise or anticlockwise.
The feeding roller, impression roller, rubber roller and anilox roller space adjusted by self-locking device.
Printing and phase fixed device, pneumatic brake. When units separating or cleaning, braking mechanism limit gear running, keep original gear’s position.
The anilox roller adopt automatic pneumatic up-down device(when feeding, anilox roller down automatically according to order, when stop, anilox roller lift according order)
Adopts pneumatic diaphragm pump inking, automatically recycle, water cleaning.
With clean printing plate memory function, after washing the printing plate, the printing roller will back to the original printing position.
Function of slotting unit:
With pre-creasing wheels, after pre-creasing cardboard not easy destroy.
Single shaft double slotting knife, carton box height adjusting adopts PLC and digital control.(or adopt PLC and touch screen adjusting )
Slotting phase adopt PLC and digital adjustment in360 degree whatever running and stop .(or adopt PLC and touch screen adjusting )
Slotting pedestal and creasing wheels horizontal moving adopt electric synchronous adjustment. .(or adopt PLC and touch screen adjusting )
Creasing space and knife roller space adjusting adopts self-locking device.
The carton height adjustment with anticollision device for the slotting knives, will not destroy the machine.
Every slotting knife pedetals movement with anticollision device(digital type)
Slotting knives width is 7mm, alloy steel with heat treatment, grinding, saw tooth knives. Double type cutting knives, sharp-edged and high precision.
The hole an handle hold die is option.
Function of die-cutting unit:
The rubber roller adopt mechanical control the position move left and right. The movement distance is 40mm.
The phase of die-cutting machine unit adopt electric 360 degree adjust, accord the error to input the adjust data, ca be adjusted while the machine running or stop. .(or adopt PLC and touch screen adjusting )
The space adjustment between rubber roller and die roller adopt self-locking structure, with cylinder big scope quickly adjust, decrease the rubber wear, increase the rubber life.
The space adjustment between the peed rollers adopt self-locking structure.
The unique speed compensation device can make the rubber roller rolling running with the die roller, make the surface speed of the rubber cushion is completely controlled by the die roller, the shape of the carton sheet will absolutely equal to the die pattern.
There is a rubber repair device with the machine, the rubber can be used after be repaired.

Main Technology parameters



Machine inside width (mm)


Max feeding paper siz(mm)


Max effective printing size(mm)


Min coverage size(mm)


Design speed(pcs/min)


Working speed(pcs/min)


Standard Thickness of printing plate


Printing precision


Thickness of cardboard


Wall thickness


Main motor power

About :15Kw


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