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SMBD-BNC Slitter Scorer Machine (servo type) (frequency converter type)

  • 1800/2200/2500

  • xinglong

  • xinglong

  • Easy to Operate

  • New

  • Electric

  • Hebei,China

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SMBD-BNC Slitter Scorer Machine(servo type) (frequency converter type)


  1. The upper and lower computer system consists of  high-quality industrial comouters and high-performance programmable controllers.

  2. High precision linear guide guide guide is used to grind ball screw transmission pair to ensure the positioning accuracy of the slitting line.

  3. It can store multiple orders,and can change orders automatically or manually without stopping.

  4. Automatically track the speed of production line to ensure synchronization with it.It can be connected with production management system and has strong compatibility.

  5. Change orders quickly,when two machines are used together,it can be realized to change orders without stopping.

  6. With thin tungsten steel blade,the blade is sharp and has a service life of more than 8 million meters.

  7. Grinding knife is computer controlled automatic or manual grinding knife,passive grinding knife,lightweight structure,easy maintenance.

  8. Three types of wire pressing are selected:convex-to-concave (three-layer plate),convex-to-concave (five-layer plate),convex-to-flat,and three types of wire pressing electric conversion.

  9. The front and back two rows of pressure wire wheel are arranged to realize zero scorer.

  10. Line pressing depth has automatic control,good line shape,easy to shape.

  11. The machine moves left and right for correct an error.

电脑薄刀机 电脑薄刀机1


  1. Synchronized adjustment of upper and lower pressure lines.

  2. Three Voltage Line Electric Conversion.

  3. Optional Pre-creasing Function.

  4. Multi-screw design,economical and durable.


Model 1800 2200 2500
Efficient width 1850mm 2250mm 2550mm
Min.slitting width 135mm
Min.creasing width 0mm
Blade model φ260*158*1.3mm
Creasing roller model (up)φ238mm  (down)φ130mm
Changing order time (servo type) 1-3s
Changing order time(frequency converter type) 3-8s
Correction range ±100mm
Precision ±0.5mm
QTY of blade/scorer 5/8 6/10 7/12
Power(pre-creasing) 20kw 24kw 25kw
Power(normal type) 16kw 20kw 21kw
Boundary dimension(pre-creasing type) 3840*2100*2450mm 4240*2100*2450mm 4540*2100*2450mm
Boundary dimension(normal type) 3840*1720*2450mm 4240*1720*2450mm 4540*1720*2450mm
Depth of creasing 12mm
Design speed 150/200/250 m/min




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