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SF320-1800 single facer machine

  • SF320-1800

  • xinglong

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  • Plastic

  • Hebei,China

  • xinglong

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SF320-1800 Single facer machine


  1. Paper feeding way is vacuum suction way and perfect flute formation in high speed production.

  2. Available width:1400/1600/1800/2000mm

  3. Flute type:A,B,C,D,E,F,G UV

  4. Corrugated roller:φ280/300/320/360/380mm

  5. Drive using universal joins,isolate the vibration source which make transmission more stable,reliable.

  6. Driven gearbox adopts immerse in lubrication oil,reduce noise, universal joint transmission.Separate structure is independent controlled and transmission more stable.

  7. The glue coating part adopt automatic circulating glue feeding way(manual or electrical isolation device)

  8. Pneumatic control to adjust the glue feeding and adjust gluing capacity electrically or manually;the glue parts running separately while the main motor stopped, prevent paste from drying up.

  9. It is equipped with the high pressure powerful air fan with the wind capacity adjustable device and silencer; air source and electric control are in one cabinet

  10. The machine wall and base plate made by cast iron and thickness 130mm

  11. The corrugated roller materials 50CrMo alloy, the inner hole is fine bored, tempered and finish turned and the surface is medium-frequency quenched, CNC polished and fine grinded and hard chrome-plated.

    The corrugated roller diameter ¢280-380mm; Hardness can reach more than HRC60 which ensures good wear-resistance and long life service.


Model  SF320-1400/1600/1800/2000
Working width 1400-2000mm
Heating way Steam/electric
Flute type A B C D E F
Operate direction Left or right according to customer's factory
Designed speed 100m/min
Economic running speed 80m/min
Temperature range 160-200℃
Steam pressure 0.8-1.3Mpa
Air source





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