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SF270/295 Electric heating adsoprtion fingerless single facer

The single facer combines liner and medium to form fingle facer web
  • SF270/300-1400, 1600, 1800, 2000


  • 8441309000

SF270/295 Electric heating adsoprtion fingerless single facer 

Structure and feactures

1. The single facer machine is vacuum suction type, make flute with good quality, wind amount is adjustable.

2. Glue roller and doctor gluer roller can be sided on rail, convenient to dismounting and install.

3. Gimbal connect independent gearbox with roller to drive machine, drive more stable and reliable, easy to maintain. Closed oil-immersed gear box, machine reduce vibrator.

4. Upper corrugator roller, pressure roller and glue roller up down controlled by pneumatic.

5. Upper and lower corrugated roller made from 48CrMo alloy steel with heat treatment, hardness 50-55 degree, surfaced be grinded and chrome plated.

6. Pressure roller made from 45# steel, precision grinded with chrome plated, crowning deign in middle, prolong use life.

7. Bearing of corrugated roller and pressure roller be lubricated by high temperature grease

8. Glue width adjust by motorized or manual

9. Glue section can drive separately when main motor stop, prevent glue is dry. (option configuration)

10. Glue amount adjusted by manual, electric adjust option as customized

Technology Parameters

Machine width

1400, 1600, 1800, 2000,   2200, 2500mm

Corrugated roller diameter

φ270mm, φ295mm,   φ320mm, φ360mm

alloy steel 48CrMo  hardness 60degree

or 45# steel  hardness 50-55degree

Pressure roller diameter

same as corrugated roll

 Heating type

Steam, electric, oil



 Flute type

UV, A, B, C, E, F, D

 Motor power


Reel paper grade

 liner   paper        90g/-170g/

 corrugated   paper   90g/-170g/



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