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Printing slotting die cutting folder gluer strapping in line for Corrugated carton producton line

  • LDX2200

  • xinglong

  • Corrugated carton producton line

  • Electric

  • Provided

  • 1 Year

  • Customized

  • Easy to Operate

  • Provided

  • Ordinary Product

  • 130 pcs/min

  • ±0.5mm


Corrugated carton producton line

LDX- 3 Colors Printing slotting die cutting folder gluer strapping in line




Main Technology parameters



Machine inside width (mm)


Max feeding paper size(mm)


Max effective printing size(mm)


positive knife min slotting space (sloting unit independently)


negative knife min slotting space (sloting unit independently)


Max die cutting size(mm)


Min coverage size(mm)


Design speed (pcs/min)


Working speed (pcs/min)


Standard Thickness of printing plate


Printing precision


Thickness of cardboard


Wall thickness


Main motor power

About :15kw

Performance and Characteristics:

  • The machine can finish multi processes one time such as: printing, slotting, creasing, trimming, corner cutting, punching, gluing and so on.

  • Machine is designed according to high request and reliable function, humanization operation, it can setting, revision, implement, changing and memories in short time, and display data accurately .

  • All of drive rollers are made of high quality steel, hard chrome plated the surface with grinded.

  • Main drive gears adopt high quality steel with heat treatment with grinded, adopt cross slip system connect each gear, keep gear fix position, ensure transmission precision.

  • The main drive roller adopt keyless connect, decrease the connection gap, ensure printing precision.

  • The machine adopts sealed spray lubrication for gear system, engineer oil automatic balance device; keep the oil level equal in each unit.

  • Motorized digital phase adjustment with “automatic zero return” and “memories” function ,PLC control with touch screen .

  • The machine adopts lead edge , low demand for the cardboard, fast.

  • Main motor is VFD, working stability, low power consumption.

 Lead edge Feeding unit 

mldx 联动线2



Function and configuration


Machine unit move

  • Motorized control machine units move, the warming belt is alarming when moving, make sure working safety.

  • Drive shaft is equipped with friction clutch to avoid damage machine caused by incorrect operation.

  • When machine units separate, each brake system work automatically, make sure gear positioning accurately, fix printing phase, ensure gear engaged correct when machine units lock.  

  • Machine unit adopts pneumatic locking system.

  • Main motor frequency conversion control, energy saving. Main motor with start protecting device, machine can not run when machine units aren’t lock.


Roller type lead edge feeder

  • Adopts lead edge feeder with wind volume system, it can adjust wind volume according on cardboard bending status to ensure feeding board smoothly.


Feeding roller

  • Top feed roller is made of high qualified steel, the outside be wrapped wear-resisting rubber, don’t destroy flute, guarantee feeding precision, improve the printing accuracy.

  • Bottom roller used high-quality steel, precision grinding, knurling, hard chrome plated paper roll hand mode rapid clearance of fine-tuning self-locking device, equipped with a dial display to adjust direction and numerical.



  • The left and right baffles adopt electric digital control, the front baffles space adopts manual adjustment, the back baffle box be adjusted by motorized.


Automatic zero device

  • After finishing the work order ,back to zero position

 Printing unit 




Function and configuration


The printing roller

  • Adopt good quality steel tube, the surface be grinded, hard chrome plated, balance correction, running smoothly

  • Hang plate device, cooperate with the ratchet shaft fixed volume board fix printing plate fast.

  • Full hang-plate device, 10mm hang-plate strip is available.

  • Foot switch electric control roller run clockwise or anticlockwise, convenient hanging version、unloading version.


Impression roller

  • Seamless steel tube surface is grinded and plated hard chrome, do balance correction, running stable.

  • Equipped manual gap adjustment device that fast and self-locking, dial indicates to show set direction and set amount.  


Feeding roller

  • Use thick good quality steel pipe, professional manufacturing, do balance processing, the feeding roller adopt fine grinding to be molding.

  • Equipped manual gap adjustment device that fast and self-locking, dial indicates to show set direction and set amount.  


Anilox roller

  • Seamless steel tube surface being grinded and plated hard chrome, balance correction, smooth operation

  • Mesh amount 200, 220,240,260 or according to customers' demand

  • Pneumatic lift-down mechanism(while feeding, the anilox roll go down automatically; stop feeding, it go up automatically )

  • Equipped manual gap adjustment device that fast and self-locking, dial indicates to show set direction and set amount.  


Rubber roller

  • Adopt high quality stemless steel pipe, the surface be grinded, hard chrome plated, balance correction, running smoothly

  • Special grinded crowning, work well


Phase adjustment

  • Planetary gear structure

  • Printing phase adopts 360 degrees electric adjustment (either run or stops)

  • Printing roller manual horizontal adjustment, adjustment range + / - 14 mm


Ink supply system

  • With pneumatic diaphragm pump to supply ink, automatically circulation, work stable and it is easy to operate and maintain.

  • Ink filter, filter impurities, more better printing


Printing phase fixed device

  • When units separating or cleaning, braking mechanism limit gear running, keep original gear’s position


Zero-return and memory

  • After washing the printing plate, press reset button the printing roller will back to the original printing position.

 slotting unit(electric sync ) 




Function and configuration


Crease wheel

  • Using high quality steel, with grinding process and plating hard chromium.

  • Pressure roller surface be grinded and  hard chromium plating ,do balance processing

  • Equipped special design wheel is keep from crack.

  • Equipped manual gap adjustment device that fast and self-locking, dial indicates to show set direction and set amount.  


Slot knife adjustment on axial direction

  • Seamless steel pipe is selected and run smoothly after grinding and balancing.

  • Slotted knife width 7mm, alloy material, after heat treatment grinding, tooth shape slotted knife, sharp edge, high precision.

  • The slotting knife box height adjustment adopts four knife synchronous adjustment, and the slotting blade adopts four knife manual synchronous transverse movement.

  • Hand-tuned fast clearance fine-tuning self-locking device with dial display adjustment direction and value


Slotting phase adjustment

  • Structure of planetary gear type

  • Slotting phase adopt 360 degree electric synchronous adjustment.


Electric sync




  • Slotting knife and crease wheels move together by motor


Punching device(option)

Option, clients are beard the cost

 Die cutting unit 




Function and configuration


Die roller(bottom roller)

l High quality steel be finished process, the surface chrome plated, do balance correction, running stable.

l Pneumatic lift-down, it is easy to work, reduce cut times on anvil cover, prolong its use life.


Rubber roller(top roller)

l High quality steel be finished process, the surface chrome plated, do balance correction, running stable.

l The gap between top roller with bottom roller be adjusted by hand.

l Germany “Depair” anvil cover, easy change, economy

l The gap between feed roller with rubber roller is self-locked.

l Speed compensation device can make the rubber roller slipping follow die roller, thereby, the rubber surface speed controlled by knife die. So that the carton shape is same as knife die.

l Equipped with rubber repair device, the rubber can be used after be repaired.

l Mechanical helix fluted-roll type, transverse movement ±20mm


Phase adjustment

l Planetary gear structure

l Phase adjustment by motorized control in 360degree( both running and stop)


Automatic repair rubber device

l Machine have repair roller to grind blanket, so it can use many times.


Automatic waste clean device

l automatic discharge of waste paper

 SYFC-1200 Inline automatic folder gluer 


SYFC-1200 Folder gluer is designed and produced according with print, slot, fold, glue and stack.  PLC control, store and manager order by touch screen. High speed product, fast order change and good stability can meet more less delivery time request.


The printing slotting diecutting machine is equipped with folder & gluer, which has the advantages of simple structure, high folding precision and beautiful folding.Its electrical, bearing, belt chain and other important components are used in Japan, Taiwan and other well-known enterprises products;Machine rail smooth, low noise, high efficiency, simple operation, good safety and reliability, the first choice for enterprises to get rich products.The technological process and production parameters of this product are introduced as follows:

1. Equipment process 

mldx 联动线7

2. Function 

  • Glue part: regular spray glue and batch-type spray( sense sheets automatically and spray glue). Glue amount is adjustable.

  • Upper and under belt speed is adjusted separately, that means the two belts speed are different.  It is possible to adjust speed same.

  • Belt or rubber roller fold sheet, easy to adjust fold angle.

  • Upper and under roller adjust gap for pre-crease.

  • Sheet stack and counting

  • Automatic stack sheet by mechanical with sensor.

  • Count box quantity by sensor, easy to set and reliable.

PP strapping unit


Machine Introduction

※ The strapping machine consists of three units. paper conveyer and steering unit,gather align unit and no-man power strapping unit.

※This strapping assembly line is a fully automatic strapping assembly line with the integration of machinery, electricity and gas.

※Fast packing speed: PLC control, stable performance, compact packing time, faster.

※Operating capacity:9-18 pieces/ min;

※Working environment: the relative humidity is less than or equal to 90%, the temperature is 0-40 degrees Celsius, and the noise is less than or equal to 75 dB (A);

※The bandwidth is 5 mm(standard)  0r  9 mm (optionally); the tape reel specification: the inner diameter of the paper core with the ring is 200-210 mm, the outer diameter of the belt ring is 400-450 mm, and the band width is 175-190 mm;

※Bonding method: hot fusion;

※The bonding mode: the bottom is adhered, the bonding surface is more than or equal to 90 percent, the deviation of the bonding position is less than or equal to 2 millimeters, and the bundling tightness is 0-45Kg;

※ Air source pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa; roller material: stainless steel; roller diameter: 50mm, wall thickness: 1.2-1.5mm;

※Transportation speed: 0 -50m / min;


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