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Hot Sale Semi automatic stitching machine

  • BDJ-2000

  • xinglong

  • Semi automatic stitching machine

  • Semi automatic

  • China,Hebei

  • New

  • Customized

  • Easy to Operate

  • Provided

  • Electric

  • 1 Year

  • High quality


Semi Automatic stitching Machine


 The main parts and function 

★ Imported from Japan fujiseries double servo drive, precision, reduce the mechanical transmission part, effectively reduce the mechanical fault rate.

★ Delta touch screen operation, the parameters (screw pitch, the number of nails, nail, tailgate) transform is convenient.

★ The whole control system adopts the control system of delta PLC, more accurately convey instructions.

★ After electric baffle, by Taiwan Liming stepper motor drive, accurate size, transform size more convenient.

★ The bottom die, tungsten steel blade adopts Japanese made (wear) has greatly increased the service life.

★ The whole group of nail head. All computer gongs are made of special steel, precision machining, imported from Taiwan, Italy.

★ You can nail a single nail, double nail, once completed, can be suitable for different customers for different requirements for the nail.

★ This transformation and adjustment of carton carton size from the nail it takes only a minute to be completed, greatly saves time and is convenient to operate.

★ The front feeding part automatically counting, the feeding table is provided with a photoelectric sensing device, automatic rising feeder.

★ This post with automatic counting function, finished cartons can be set according to the number (1-99) sub stack sent to lose

★ Send machine end, easy to pack up and bound.

★ Nail automatic alarm after line. (to avoid the non linear when the leak to fight, less nail bad product)

★ From semi-finished stapled to the finished and packaged Banding placed in the whole process of only two people operation, the operation is simple and convenient for less pay.

 Mechanical parameters: 

BDJ-2000 Max sheet size (mm) 1515*2460
600 nail/min Min sheet size (mm) 300*606
Nail Span
30-100 (Arbitrary adjustments) Power 6HP
Number of nail
1-99 Feeding height
Nail Type
Single,double and reinforced nail Machine size

Length 2800mm

Width 2600mm

Nail line 


2.0mm×(0.65-0.75mm) Machine weight




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