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High speed 5 layer corrugated cardboard production line

Corrugated cardboard production line is the professional equipment for producing corrugated cardboard.The production line consists of the Mill Roll Stand,liner(medium oaoer)Pre-heater,Single facer machine,Conveyor brige,Gluing Machine,Double facer machine,Slittle Scorer,Cut-off,Conveyer and Stacker,Heating System,Air compression system and Glue Making System and so on .We produced different grade 3,5,7 ply corrugated production line with different fitting.
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WJ300-2500-II type five layer corrugated cardboard production line


                  Main technical parameters and requirements in production line

1 Effective width 2500mm 2 Design produce speed


3 Three layer economic speed 230-280m/min 4 Five layer economic speed 190-260m/min
5 Seven layer economic speed ------------------- 6 Maximum order change speed 100m/min
7 Longitudinal separation accuracy ±1mm 8 Cross-cutting precision



Speed the above targets required to achieve:effective width2500mm,Comply with the following standards and ensure the paper's equipment condition 175 ℃ heating surface temperature.

Top paper index

100g/㎡--180g/㎡  Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥8    (Water containing8-10%)

Core paper index

80g/㎡--160g/㎡  Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥5.5  (Water containing8-10%)

In paper index 90g/㎡--160g/㎡    Ring crush index(N.m/g)≥6    (Water containing8-10%)
9 Flute combination
10 Steam requirement The maximum pressure 16kg/cm2 Common pressure10-12kg/cm2


11 Electricity demand AC380V 50Hz 3PH Total power≈350KW

Running Power≈150KW

12 Compressed air The maximum pressure 9kg/cm2 Common pressure4-8kg/cm2


13 Space ≈Lmin120m*Wmin12m*Hmin5m(The actual drawing to provider to provide audited prevail)

Customer owned section:

1.Steam heating system:proposal with 4000Kg / Hr of a steam boiler. Pressure:1.25Mpa steam pipeline.

2.Air compressed machine、air pipeline、glue conveying pipe.

3.Power supply、wires connected to the operation panel and line pipe.

4.Water sources、water pipelines、buckets and so on.

5.Water, electricity, gas flush mounting civil foundation.

6.Test with the base paper、corn starch (potato)、Industrial use caustic soda、borax and other material.

7.Oil equipment、lubricating oil、hydraulic oil、lubricating grease.

8.installation、commissioning of food, accommodation。And provide installers with the installation.


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