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High qualiy high speed Printing Slotting die-cutting Machine

  • YJ1226


  • New

  • China,Hebei

  • Ordinary Product

  • Electric

  • 1 Year

  • Provided

  • Provided

  • Automatic

  • Easy to Operate

  • Customized

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GYKM series high speed Printing slotting die cutting Machine


Main Technology Parameters

Model YJ1226
Machine inside width (mm) 2800
Max feeding paper size (mm) 1200*2600
Max effective printing size (mm) 1200*2400
Max die cutting size (mm) 1200*2300
Min coverage size (mm) 300*600mm(full plate printing or no printing)
Min slotting distance (mm) 140*140*140*140mm
Design speed (pcs/min) 250pcs/min
Max Working speed (pcs/min) 0-220pcs/min
Standard Thickness of Printing Plate
Printing Precision ±0.5mm
Thickness of cardboard 2-9mm
Wall thickness 50mm
Main motor power About 30kw

Important Features

  • The machine can finish multi processes one time such as: printing, slotting, creasing, trimming, corner cutting, punching, die cutting, stacking and so on.

  • Machine is designed according to high request and reliable function, humanization operation, it can setting, revision, implement, changing and memories in short time, and display data accurately.

  • All of drive rollers are made of high quality steel with temper and quenching treatment, not change shape when high speed running, hard chrome plated the surface with grinded.

  • Main drive gears adopt high quality steel with heat treatment with grinded, adopt cross slip system connect each gear, keep gear fix position, ensure transmission precision.

  • The main drive roller adopt keyless connect, decrease the connection gap, ensure printing precision.

  •  The machine adopts sealed spray lubrication for gear system, engineer oil automatic balance device; keep the oil level equal in each unit.

  • Motorized digital phase adjustment with “automatic zero return” and “memories” function PLC computer control with touch screen.

  • Lead edge feeder with vacuum suction, easy operate, high precision.

  • All units move automatic orderly, locked by pneumatic, alarm continually

  • Main motor is VFD, working stability, low power consumption.

Feeding unit


Printing unit


Slotting unit


Die-cutting unit



Vibrator and stacker unit


Vibrator unit 

◆ Frequency conversion speed regulation, can control the main engine speed, safe and reliable operation 

◆ Equipped with waste removal force fan and waste discharge brush 

◆ Waste paper discharge device 

◆ Seismic waste strength adjustable 

◆ High elastic round belt has long service life and cannot damage cardboard. 

◆ Introduced foreign advanced experience, better separation of waste from the finished product after die cutting, beat to remove waste, improve working conditions and efficiency. 

Stacker unit

◆ Design speed: 150m/min 

◆  Maximum stacking length of gantry: 2800mm 

◆  Upper gantry stacking, electric or hydraulic lift. 

◆  The whole wide belt conveys the paper neatly and smoothly; 

◆  Electric stacking, and collection of cardboard, can make the cardboard storage height; 

◆  Photoelectric measurement of stack height


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