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High quality semi-automatic flute laminator

  • HRB-1300H

  • xinglong

  • Corrugated cardboard production line

  • Electric

  • Ordinary Product

  • China,Hebei

  • New

  • Optional

  • Semi automatic

  • Manual Feeding

  • Provided

  • 1 Year


semi-automatic flute laminator



■ Top paper feeding by hand, feeding table incresed height, easy feeding and easy operation

■ Bottom corrugated sheet auto vacuum feeding, continuous automatic tracking according top paper feeding speed

■ Entire new concept,front gauge registration, position high accuracy, 1mm precision

■ The scientific design of the metering roller speed to ensure the glue evently on the same time, to avoid rejection of glue at high speed.

■ Imported electrical components, to ensure the stability of the circuit system. PLC tracking technology, automatic fault alarm;

■ Fully automatic glue supplementary system, can automatically replenish the loss of the amount of glue, and cooperated with the glue recycling

■ Independent water tank control cycle, ensure the bottom paper back dry, at the same time cleaning up roller、glue receive tank and back glue tank;

■ Single side adjustment of the roller pressure, and equipped with a dial gauge, the replacement of the bottom paper one-step-to- reach.

■ Floating removable press, to ensure that laminated paper will not be crushed, and also keep the cardboard smooth and straight; unilateral adjustment by way of adjustment worm roll lamination pressure for quick

                                    TECHNOLOGICAL PARAMETER                                             




Max size of cover face



Mix size of cover face



Top paper thickness



Bottom sheet thickness

2/4 ply A/B/C/E/F Flute

2/4 ply A/B/C/E/F Flute

Machine speed










8m x 2m x 2.9m

8m x 2.3m x 2.9m


About 2500kg

About 3000kg

Quality assurance and service assurance

1. The product design obeys the user's opinion, constantly improves, and ensures the stability and humanization of the whole machine from the design point of view.

2. The company's quality control department to purchase, processing, assembly of all aspects of quality supervision and management, multi-angle management to ensure the implementation of the company's product quality management.

3. The company quality control department to each finished product in accordance with the factory product standards for inspection.

4.Strong technical strength and efficient after-sales service team guarantee to solve all kinds of problems in the process of customer use, perfect quality information feedback management, make the product improve quickly, and always be in the leading position of technology.

Technically training

Our company sends the professional operation engineer to be responsible for the installation and debugging of the equipment as a whole. During the debugging process, we train the operator for the user in the factory of the customer. The contents are: introduction of the mechanical structure, adjustment of the components of the equipment, etc. The use of electrical operation switches and precautions, equipment daily maintenance and maintenance, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the future;

This product after-sales service is the responsibility of our company in the local nearest service center and the distributor: the company has the strong technical personnel and the after-sales service personnel team, carries on the exchange with the dealer and the user technical personnel regularly, And according to the market situation to the distributor after-sales service personnel training from time to time.


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