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High quality Printing slotting die cutting folding gluing strapping inline

  • LDX2600

  • xinglong

  • Packaging line

  • LDX2600

  • Cartons

  • New

  • Hebei,China

  • Easy to Operate

  • Automatic

  • 1 Year

  • Electric

  • Provided


LDX Serious Printing slotting die cutting folding gluing srapping inline.




Main Technology parameters

Model LDX2400 LDX2600
Machine inside width(mm) 2400 2600
Max feeding paper size(mm) 900*2200 1200*2400
Max effective printing size(mm)
900*2000 1200*2200
Min coverage size(mm) 350*720mm 350*720mm
Design speed(pcs/min) 250pcs/min 200pcs/min
Max working speed(pcs/min) 0-220pcs/min 0-180pcs/min
Standard Thickness of printing plate 4-6mm 4-6mm
Printing precision ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
Thickness of cardboard 2-9mm 2-9mm
Wall thickness 50mm 50mm
Main motor power About 30kw About 30kw

Performance and Characteristics:

  1. The machine can finish multi processes one time such as:printing,slotting,creasing,trimming,corner cutting,punching,die cutting,gluing

  2. Machine is designed according to high request and reliable function,humanization operation,it can setting,revision,implement, changing and memories in short time,and display data accurately.

  3. All of drive rollers are made of high quality steel with temper and quenching treatment,not change shape when high speed running, hard chrome plated the surface with grinded.

  4. Main drive gears adopt high quality steel with heat treatment with grinded,adopt cross slip system connect each gear,keep gear fix position,ensure transmission precision.

  5. The main drive roller adopt keyless connect,decrease the connection gap,ensure printing precision.

  6. The machine adopts sealed spray lubricaion for gear system,engineer oil automatic balance device;keep the oil level equal in each unit.

  7. Motorized digital phase adjustment with "automatic zero return" and :memories"function PLC control with touch screen

  8. Lead edge feeder with vacuum sucntion,easy operate,high precision.

  9. All units move automatic orderly,locked by pneumatic,alarm continually

  10. Main motor is VFD,working stability,low power consumption.

1.light-pressure lead edge feeder unit


2.printing unit




3.slotting unit


4.Die-cutting unit


Option:vibration unit


5.Inline automatic folder gluer


1.Equipment process

ldx 11

2.Gluing part basic configuration

Gluing part

Folding part

Paper stacking section

Count and discharge part

6.Auto Strapping unit


Technical Parameter

Model 1600
Max package size 2400mm*1600mm*400mm (L*W*H)
Belt size Width 5mm Thickness:0.5-0.55mm
Speed 9-18 units/min
Machine weight 2000kgs
Dimensions 2100*5040*1670mm
Transportation speed  0-50m/min
Air source pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
Bundling tightness 0.45kg

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