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High quality Automatic 5ply Flute laminator Machine for corrugated cardboard

  • 450F

  • xinglong

  • New

  • Automatic

  • China,Hebei

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  • Electric

  • 1 Year

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The fully automatic multi layer flute laminator is consists of automatic face paper lifting section, face paper conveying section, double bottom paper synchronized or asynchronized conveying section, double bottom paper positioning section, cyclic gluing section, pressing section, delivering section and automatic collecting section. It suits to laminate the printed paper to the corrugated board or cardboard which is thicker than 350gsm, with features of high precision and high speed. It is the ideal laminating machine for all kinds of packaging company domestic and overseas.



3 IN 1







Max paper size




Min paper size


Face paper thickness


Bottom paper

A/B/C/E/F/G 2ply flute



Max Speed


Height of face paper pile


Face paper table capacity


Height of bottom 2ply pile


Total power






Machine weight





Machine Structure:

1. Face paper conveying section adopts advanced four sucking and four delivering feeder, with the help of high pressure vacuum pump it can feed the face paper 180-600gsm efficiently. Position displaying hand wheel on the face paper pile loading section makes the loading action more accurate and more convenient for the bottom paper loading at the same time. Limited switch fixed on face paper loading section makes the moving up action more accurate.

2. Conveying belt, pressing roller and automatic chasing lay all do help to the face paper delivery. Pressing roller adopts the specialized roller which is used on print machine, it can delivery both thick and thin paper effectively. Anti-curl structure helps to delivery face paper at the same time.

3. Both bottom paper feeding section adopt vacuum sucking belt with high strength and high friction allowing the non-stop feeding. Rotating paper supporter equipped on this section makes it possible to feed the long sheet.

4. Knurled roller on the bottom feeding part makes sure the stable running when the machine in a high speed.

5. Chasing lay and high-speed axial flow fan differential positioning system is applied on the bottom paper feeding part. You can adjust the front and back position without stopping the machine. Synchronous slot design can control the bottom paper feeding in a minimum range; Chasing lay can make sure a good bottom sheet feeding when the machine is running at a high speed.

6. Gluing system has liquid induction device, glue will be supplied accordingly and will be recycled, glue cost will be reduced greatly.

7. The gluing system in this machine is a combination of anilox type steel roller and rubber glue even roller in which the rubber glue even roller is core structure designed and  differential speed gluing method is applied to make a even glue and increase the gluing quality. Averagely 25-35grams glue will be used on one square meter, reducing the cost and improving the laminated paper board quality.

8. Both bottom paper and face paper adopt front elastic registration lay so that there is no need to readjust for big or small paper. The intelligent control system makes it possible to adjust the face paper position automatically when the machine is in running. The digital instrument on the front lay part can make the front lay adjustment range to 0.1mm.

9. Photoelectric detector helps the conveying of top or bottom paper accurately..

10. Grooved steel positioning wheel has long service life and easy to clean.

11. Double pre-pressing roller are equipped on the laminating unit.

12. Automatic damping system is applied on the bottom sheet feeding system to prevent the curving of the laminated sheet.  

13. Two  pressing conveyors with differential speed are equipped on the machine to prevent air bubble and gluing failure problem.

14. Floating type pressing conveyor makes it possible to adjust the pressure according to the paper board thickness. The pressed paper board is solid and strengthen.  

15. Automatic collecting device can reduce the labor intensity effectively.

16. All the electrical components are imported; PLC and HMI control system are safe and reliable. Many control knobs are equipped on the machine according to the ergonomics allowing you to control the machine in different position; machine speed is controlled by the frequency converter which makes the machine run stably.

17. Machine is driven by imported timing belt and wheel gear with high efficiency, low noise and stable running status. Low production cost and convenient maintenance.

Quality assurance and service assurance

1. The product design obeys the user's opinion, constantly improves, and ensures the stability and humanization of the whole machine from the design point of view.

2. The company's quality control department to purchase, processing, assembly of all aspects of quality supervision and management, multi-angle management to ensure the implementation of the company's product quality management.

3. The company quality control department to each finished product in accordance with the factory product standards for inspection.

4.Strong technical strength and efficient after-sales service team guarantee to solve all kinds of problems in the process of customer use, perfect quality information feedback management, make the product improve quickly, and always be in the leading position of technology.



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