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High Quality Full Automatic High Speed Printing slotting die-cutting machine

  • YJ2400

  • xinglong

  • New

  • China,Hebei

  • Electric

  • Provided

  • Full Automatic

  • Customized

  • Easy to Operate

  • Video Technology Support

  • Ordinary Product

  • 1 Year


YJ series full auto high speed Printing slotting die-cutting Machine








Machine inside width (mm)


Max feeding paper size(mm)


Max effective printing size(mm)


Max die cutting size(mm)


Min coverage size(mm)


Design speed(pcs/min)


Max Working speed(pcs/min)

200-220 pcs/min

Standard Thickness of printing plate


Printing precision


Thickness of cardboard


Wall thickness


Main motor power

About 18kw


  1. The machine can finish multi processes one time such as: printing, slotting, creasing, trimming, corner cutting, punching, die cutting, stacking and so on.

  2. Machine is designed according to high request and reliable function, humanization operation, it can setting, revision, implement, changing and memories in short time, and display data accurately .

  3. Control system: Using industrial man-machine interface and inverter as the core of the electrical control system;Realize the rapid change of production orders, intelligent and comprehensive program control function, make the machine production and adjustment more humane, higher safety, product yield greatly improved.

  4. The main machine wall panel material is HT250, artificial aging treatment, large processing center processing, to ensure high strength and high precision.

  5. All of drive rollers are made of high quality steel with temper and quenching treatment, not change shape when high speed running, hard chrome plated the surface with grinded.

  6. Main drive gears adopt high quality steel with heat treatment with grinded, adopt cross slip system connect each gear, keep gear fix position, ensure transmission precision.

  7. The main drive roller adopt keyless connect, decrease the connection gap, ensure printing precision.

  8. The machine adopts sealed spray lubrication for gear system, engineer oil automatic balance device; keep the oil level equal in each unit.

  9. Lead edge feeder with vacuum sucntion, easy operate, high precision.

  10. All units move automatic orderly, locked by pneumatic, alarm continually

  11. Main motor is VFD, working stability, low power consumption.

  12. After the paper feeding part, printing part and slotting part are combined with the machine, the electric type returns to the zero position.


Feeding unit.


  • Light- pressure Lead edge feeder with vacuum suction, feeding more stable and accurate,wind is adjustable depend on sheet, make sure feed sheet smoothly. Suitable for all kinds of corrugated cardboard,feeding wheels is from Taiwan Maxdura brand, wear resistant, cardboard directly through the lead edge vacuum transfer to the printing roller , keep the cardboard original strength, avoid the corrugation collapse and thin cardboard that in favor of cardboard smooth transfer after creasing.

  • Main motor with start protecting device, machine cannot run when machine units aren’t lock.

  • Continuous or skip feeding available

  • Double feed rollers wrapped with rubber, with groove prevent overpressure, reduce pressed sheet

  • Left-right baffle adjusted by computer with automatic flap, back baffle adjusted by motorized, front baffle manual synchronous adjust.

  • Dust clearance bush and fan to clean dust on board. Air outlet can be adjusted as per sheet size

  • Machine units move by motorized and move with alarm belling to make sure safety.

  • Electronic count can set the production volume, reach the quantitative automatic alarm.

  • Computer or button automatically adjust the left and right baffle, front and rear baffle.

Printing unit(roll transfer).

  • Fast change printing plate, with footstep to control cylinder rotate clockwise or anticlockwise

  • Feed roller, press roller, rubber roller, anilox roller gap adjust with self-lock part

  • Printing phase adjusted by PLC in 360degree with digital input, do when machine running or stop

  • Pneumatic brake device to keep printing register fixed, when units separate or clean, brake limit gear rotate, keep original gear position.

  • Pneumatic lift anilox roller for ink, motorized ink will no dry.

  • Printing cylinder made of seamless steel pipe, be grinded with chrome plated, do balance treatment, running smooth and steady.

  • Lift-down design( when feed sheets anilox roller down in order, stop sheet lift rollers in order)

  • Double diagram pump ink, recycle automatically, clean with water

  • Memory function, after clean plate it back to original position

  • Printing precision: +-0.5mm

  • Printing cylinder horizontal move by button or touch screen

  • Optopn :Adopt Ceramic roller+doctor blade system ,high quality printing .

  • The scraper system adopts American technology, exquisite printing, ultra-low loss.



Slotting unit


  • Box height adjusted by motorized or touch screen.

  • Slotting phase adjusted by PLC in 360 degree with digital input, do when machine running or stop.

  • Slotting die and crease die move together by motorized or computer

  • Crease gap and knife gap adjusted by self-lock mechanism

  • Collison protection on slotting knife for height adjust and move, don’t damage machine

  • Collison protection for slotting die horizontal move (electronical)

  • Adopt 5 slotting knife ,it can Achieve trimming while slotting,Slotting knife width 7mm, good quality material, with hot-treatment and grinded, teeth knife, double-piece trim knife, sharpen and precision.

Die-cutting unit.


  • Rubber roller: made of good quality steel, be grinded with chrome plated.

  • Do balance treatment, improve machine running steady

  • Rubber cylinder is separate with die cylinder by air cylinder when no cutting, reduce no-load and prolong blanket use-life.

  • Die roller lift-down automatic by pneumatic control( feed sheets roller go up, stop feeding roller down, make sure correct cutting for every sheets)

  • Rubber roller move 40mm in left and right, wearable average prolong use-life

  • Rubber roller rotates follow die roller by speed compensation device whatever how rubber diameter change, make sure rubber speed same as wooden die, keep cut box is consist with wooden die.

  • Planetary gear structure used for phase adjustment.

  • Phase adjustment by PLC in 360degree with digital input( can be done when run, stop or clockwise or anticlockwise)

  • Machine have repair roller to grind blanket, so it can use many times.

  • Option:Equipped with automatic waste cleaning device, waste paper can be discharged automatically

  • Option: equipped with slotted free mold cut steel mold, when there is a conventional carton, do not need to do a template, one key switch the size of slotted carton, electric or touch screen adjustment.


Vibrator and Stacker unit.


vibrator unit

◆Frequency conversion speed regulation, can control the main engine speed, safe and reliable operation

◆Equipped with waste removal force fan and waste discharge brush

◆Waste paper discharge device

◆Seismic waste strength adjustable

◆High elastic round belt has long service life and cannot damage cardboard.

◆Introduced foreign advanced experience, better separation of waste from the finished product after die cutting, beat to remove waste, improve working conditions and efficiency.

stacker unit

◆Design speed: 150m/min

◆ Maximum stacking length of gantry: 2800mm

◆ Upper gantry stacking, electric or hydraulic lift.

◆ The whole wide belt conveys the paper neatly and smoothly;

◆ Electric stacking, and collection of cardboard, can make the cardboard storage height;

◆ Photoelectric measurement of stack height.

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