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Ga-02 series fulai wheel roller fluent track wheel outer diameter 48mm inner hole 8

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Application of the fulai wheel:

Fulai wheel series products are small in size and light in weight, suitable for conveying goods with flat bottom.More used for conveying system of the bend part or shunt, confluent part, can also be used on both sides of the conveyor as a barrier or play a guiding role.

The foulai wheel is also used for casters, which can also play an auxiliary role in many conveyors, such as the ascending section of the belt climbing machine used to press the belt and so on.The flywheel is widely used in assembly line.

The conveyor made by the fulai wheel can be called the fulai wheel conveyor, which is a kind of conveyor using the roller for conveying.With the characteristics of lightweight structure, it is widely used in the need to often move, the requirements of light conveyor occasions, such as logistics equipment, telescopic machine, and often field temporary transport equipment.It has the characteristics of low cost, durable, not easy to damage and exquisite appearance.

The conveyor requires the delivery of goods with a flat bottom, such as pallets.It is not suitable for conveying with uneven bottom (such as ordinary container) and soft bottom (such as cloth package, etc.).

Fulai wheel also known as roller bearing is mainly used for roller conveyor and trolleys, casters and so on.

Fulai wheel is widely used in storage and logistics of various manufacturers, and the telescopic conveyor made by fulai wheel is widely used in the field of logistics.

Basic parameters and materials of the flywheel:

Materials: steel surface galvanized

608ZZ bearing +POM or ABS housing

608ZZ bearing +POM or ABS housing

Reinforced nylon, nylon, POM+ nylon

The basic parameters are: axle diameter, inner and outer diameter of bearing, wheel diameter, wheel thickness, dead weight, load, and wheel width.

Use of the fulai wheel:

When used for conveyor, a steel shaft can be strung in the fulai wheel bearing, 2-4 fulai wheels can be placed on one shaft, and chain drive can be done on the sprocket wheel on the shaft end.According to the weight and size of the delivery to customize the number of wheels and drive wattage.

When used for accessories, a small shaft tapping tooth can be made to lock the fulai wheel in the required position.

When casters are made, the shaft is in series in the bearing, and the shaft is locked in the upper bracket.(generally heavier equipment will adopt this structure.

Used to transport glass, SLATE and other heavy mass, a single piece of thin objects.This series of fulai wheel bearing is big and flexible in transportation

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