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Full automatic Flexo Printing die cutting Folding Gluing & Strapping on line carton box packing machine

  • Packaging Line

  • Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms

  • Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service

  • None

  • None

  • New

  • Apparel, Commodity, Food, Machinery & Hardware, Beverage, Medical, Chemical, Textiles, Other

  • Film

  • Plastic

  • Automatic

  • Electric

  • 380V 50HZ

  • Hebei, China

  • xinglong

  • Depends

  • 25000kg

  • CE Certification

  • 1 YEAR

  • Online support, Video technical support, Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Engineers available to service machinery overseas

  • Multifunctional

  • Making Machine Production Line

  • Making Carton

  • High Efficiency

  • Corrugated Carton Machine

  • Touch Screen Operation

  • 200ps/min

  • Automatic Carton Box Packing

  • Commodity

  • Auto Feeder Auto

full automatic Flexo Printing die cutting Folding Gluing & Strapping on line carton box packing machine

Main technology Parameters

1.Equipment process

Die Cutting/Slotting UnitGluingFoldingPreloadingCount&StackingPackaging

2.Gluing part basic configuration

1) Gluing part

* The position adjustment of gluing head is electric, which can be controlled by human-machine interface

* Gluing wheel system function. (automatic glue spraying system is optional)

* equipped with gluing roller servo control to coordinate the synchronous operation of the host.

2) Folding part

* Folding beam electric displacement, human-machine interface control.

* The front and rear drive shafts are located at the top of the folding beam.

* Equipped with adjustable folding rod.

* Equipped with elastic roller for conveying belt.

* With lower synchronous conveyor belt.

* Equipped with carton guide positive side roller.

* With upper belt tension set by cylinder, belt extension can automatically compensate.

3) Paper stacking section

* With air pressure paperboard down, before shooting paperboard paper.

* Equipped with electric adjustment stacking department.

* With front and rear baffle electric displacement function.

4) Count the discharge part

* The number of cartons per stack can be set from 15~30 for automatic discharge.

* Equipped with board lifting roller device.

* With the paper holder electric adjustment height function.

3.Gluing machine function description:

² Gluing part:

² The horizontal movement of rubber roller is adjusted by electric screw rod. The size is controlled by man-machine interface

² The gluing part adopts nonstop or gluing system to prevent the glue solidification when the machine starts at the end of a short time,the gap of the upper rubber wheel can be adjusted easily, which can adapt to the gluing of 3-8mm thick paper, and the gluing amount can be adjusted easily.

² The belt speed of upper and lower beams and the speed of slotting machine can be adjusted separately, and the gluing folding belt and conveyor belt are very close to the speed of the slotting machine, avoiding the problem of paper grabbing or blocking between the paste box line and the slotting machine.

² The speed of lower belt is separately adjusted by the servo motor, that is, when the upper and lower belt speed is different, it can be adjusted to the same, and micro-adjust for rectify correction.

² Adopt belt and rubber covered roller to fold, flexible to adjust the angle of folding and easy to operate.

² Preloading degree, using up and down sticks adjustable gap preloading can press 3-8mm paper thick folding box, with man-machine interface for easy adjustment.

Stacking and counting part:

² Electric stacking and aligning of the cardboard, attain totally work automatically.

² Adopt electric eye (electric eye signal) to count carton quantity, easy to setting and operate ,structure safety and dependable.

² electric eye count the stacking quantity, accurate output.


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