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Corrugated Box Making Machine Automatic High Speed Corrugated Cardboard Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine

High Speed Corrugated Cardboard Flexo Printing drying Slotting die cutting Machine can make high quality printing ,high precision.full automatic high quality carton making machine
  • YJH1224

  • xinglong

  • 8441309000

  • full auto

  • corrugated carton factory

  • Video technical support, Online support

  • New

  • 1200*2400mm

  • 1200*2200mm

  • 350 pcs /min

  • 325 pcs per min

  • 380V

  • China,Hebei

High Speed Corrugated Cardboard Flexo Printing Slotting die cutting Machine with IR UV drying


Model AYKM922 AYKM1224 AYKM1426
Machine inside width(mm) 2400 2600 2800
Max feeding paper siz(mm) 900mm*2200mm 1200mm*2400mm 1400mm*2600mm
Max effective printing size(mm) 900mm*2000mm 1200mm*2200mm 1400mm*2400mm
Min coverage size(mm) 400*720mm 350mm*720mm 350mm*720mm
Max effective die cutting size(mm) 900*2150mm 1200mm*2350mm 1400mm*2500mm
Design speed(pcs/min) 150pcs/min 150pcs/min 150pcs/min
Working speed(pcs/min) 100-120 pcs/min 100-120pcs/min 80-100pcs/min
Standard Thickness of printing plate 4-6mm 4-6mm 4-6mm
Printing precision ±0.5mm ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
Thickness of cardboard 1.2-9mm 1.2-9mm 1.2-9mm
Walll thickness 40mm 40mm 40mm
Main motor power 15kw 15kw 15kw
Lpi of anilox roller 200/220/250 200/220/250 200/220/250

servo free-pressure feeding unit


Servo type None-pressure Lead edge feeder with vacuum suction, wind is adjustable depend on sheet, make sure feed sheet smoothly.

Main motor with start protecting device, machine cannot run when machine units aren’t lock.

Continuous or skip feeding available

Double feed rollers wrapped with rubber, with groove prevent overpressure, reduce pressed sheet

Left-right baffle adjusted by computer with automatic flap, back baffle adjusted by motorized, front baffle manual synchronous adjust.

Dust clearance bush and fan to clean dust on board. Air outlet can be adjusted as per sheet size

Machine units move by motorized and move with alarm belling to make sure safety.

The independent electric box controls the whole machine, and each group can control the machine alone and operate more simply

vaccum transfer printing unit


Printing phase adjusted by PLC in 360degree with digital input, do when machine running or stop

Pneumatic brake device to keep printing register fixed, when units separate or clean, brake limit gear rotate, keep original gear position.

Pneumatic lift anilox roller for ink, motorized ink will no dry.

Memory function, after clean plate it back to original position

Printing precision: +-0.5mm

5 units ceramic roller with doctor blade,high printing quality

Ceramic roll adopts Jiangsu Haili brand(China famous brand)

The doctor blade adopts the pneumatic propulsion mode, the doctor blade is closer together to the ceramicroller, and the ink is more uniform

IR drying unit


Infrared drying system,temperature rise quickly and stably. About 30 kw. of heating power per group

Tmperature constant temperature control, section heating, save electric heating power.

with Temperature alarm, automatic alarm when the temperature exceeds the standard, safe and reliable.

Strong fan circulation, make drying speed more rapid.

Drying box pneumatic adjustment lift, easy to install and replace the lamp tube, at the same time the drying effect.

Die cutting unit


servo indepedently drive ,runing more stable and high precision.

Die roller lift-down automatic by pneumatic control( feed sheets roller go up, stop feeding roller down, make sure correct cutting for every sheets)

Rubber roller rotates follow die roller by speed compensation device whatever how rubber diameter change, make sure rubber speed same as wooden die, keep cut box is consist with wooden die.

Phase adjustment by PLC in 360degree with digital input( can be done when run, stop or clockwise or anticlockwise)

Machine have repair roller to grind blanket, so it can use many times.

Equipped with automatic waste cleaning device, waste paper can be discharged automatically

with slotting knife,when produce regular carton,no need to make wooden die,easy operate and adjust, save time labor and space.



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