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Bottom Price WJ150-2200 Steam heating 3 layer corrugated cardboard production line

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  • 1 YEAR, 1 Year
  • Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Advertising Company
  • Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service
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  • New
  • Food, Beverage, Commodity, Medical, Chemical, Machinery & Hardware
  • Cartons, Cans, Bottles, Barrel, Foil
  • Plastic, Wood
  • Automatic
  • Pneumatic
  • 380v 50hz
  • 300kw
  • Hebei, China
  • about 100T
  • about 100*6.5* 4.5 m (L*W*H)
  • CE
  • Video technical support, Engineers available to service machinery overseas
  • Easy to Operate
  • WJ150-2200 Steam heating 3 layer corrugated cardboard production line
  • 150 m/min
  • 100-130m/min
  • 2200mm
  • About 100 meters (depend on base drawing)
  • ±1mm(manual)

Bottom Price WJ150-2200 Steam heating 3 layer corrugated cardboard production line

Product Description

Main Technology Parameters:

n Model WJ150-2200

n Total length About 100 meters (depend on base drawing)

n Design speed 150 m/min

n Economy speed 100-130m/min

n Effective width 2200mm

n Steam pressure and consumption

Pressure 1.3MP Consumption about 2000kg/h

n Air pressure and consumption

Pressure0.8~1.0MP consumption about: 1.3m3/min

n Slitting precision:±1mm(manual)

n Cutting length and precision 500—9999mm ±1mm

n Total power about300KW(380V 50HZ)

n Dimension about 100m×6.5m× 4.5 m (L×W×H)

Equipment flow: according the customers workshop to installation the machine.

Note: Test basis paper for production line should meet follow requirements;

n Basis paper scale ≥B Basis paper moisture: 11%±1%

liner 150—200g/m2 medium paper 150---200g/m2

corrugated paper 105180g/m2

Note: some parts equipped by consumers

n Heating system: one set steam boiler that rate capacity is 2000kg/h, rate pressure 1.3-1.6Mpa

n Compressed air pipe, glue pipe, steam pipe and air return pipe

n Water, electricity, gas installation ground work.

n Equipment machine grease, lubrication oil, engine oil.

Test basis paper, corn(potatoes)starch, caustic soda for industrial use, Borax and other material

QYKB 2colors Printing Slotting Machine

Main Technology parameters



Machine inside width (mm)


Max feeding paper siz(mm)


Max effective printing size(mm)


Min coverage size(mm)


Min slotting space(mm)


Design speed(pcs/min)


Working speed(pcs/min)


Standard Thickness of printing plate


Printing precision


Thickness of cardboard


Wall thickness


Main motor power

About 15kw

Performance and Characteristics:

l The machine can finish multi processes one time such as: printing, slotting, creasing, trimming, corner cutting, punching, die cutting, stacking and so on.

l Machine is designed according to high request and reliable function, humanization operation, it can setting, revision, implement, changing and memories in short time, and display data accurately .

l All of drive rollers are made of high quality steel with temper and quenching treatment, not change shape when high speed running, hard chrome plated the surface with grinded.

l Main drive gears adopt high quality steel with heat treatment with grinded, adopt cross slip system connect each gear, keep gear fix position, ensure transmission precision.

l The main drive roller adopt keyless connect, decrease the connection gap, ensure printing precision.

l The machine adopts sealed spray lubrication for gear system, engineer oil automatic balance device; keep the oil level equal in each unit.

l Motorized digital phase adjustment with automatic zero return and memories function ( options: PLC control with touch screen)

l The machine adopts lead edge (or kick feeding), low demand for the cardboard, fast.

l Main motor is VFD, working stability, low power consumption.

1. Features:

l Product yield rate can reached 98%.

l Machine parts manufactured by CNC lathe with high precision resulting in little vibration and long service life.

l 20mm thickness steel wall dealt with computer control aligning and 5mm thickness square foundation pipe makes the machine strong and solid. .

l The roller are made by 12mm thickness seamless steel pipe which are grinded, balance tested and chromed, ensuring roller vibration less than 0.03 mm.

l Four parts correction together with differential belt correction parts eliminates the fish tail problem effectively.

l Application Ranges: A C.B. AB flutes 3/5 layers corrugated board

l Glue even, fast-drying and easy to clean.

l Greatly reduce labor and material cost compared with stitcher.

2.Technology parameters



Max. Carton Size

900×2400mm(1200 is customized )

Min. Carton Size


Max. Working Speed


Dimension (mm)


Installation Area


Total Power


Machine Weight


Power Supply

Three Phase 380V

Glue width


Glue Method

Roller gluing

BMY-1500 Semi-automatic die-cutting and creasing machine


BMY-1500 semi-automatic die-cutting and creasing machine is able to process corrugated paper ,cardboard and paperboard and perform die-cutting ,creasing and cold embossing for carton ,paper boxes and paper labels, an ideal machine for packaging and decoration. High-strength gripper bars with advanced gripper, front and side registering device, indexing mechanism, pneumatic clutch, pneumatic chase locking device ensure smooth feeding, accurate registering device and order delivery.

The machine uses programmable controller and interface, showing the working speed, number of sheet processed, the general running time and various troubles, which contributes to easy troubleshooting and operation. The main motor is controlled by transducer, thus achieve step less speed regulation and smooth operation. The machine is equipped with many sensors and safety device, which makes possible normal operation by machines and safe running by operators. Reasonable structure with fine assembly ensures the machine with short feeding distance and high die-cutting accuracy and can die cut jobs without gripper margin.




Max.die-cutting speed


Die-cutting precision


Max.Sheet size


Min. Sheet size


Max. die-cutting size


Max.die-cutting pressure





Corrugated paper



Total power




Overall dimension



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