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BYM1224 semi automatic printing die cutting machine with slotting knife

  • BYM1224

  • xinglong

  • Semi automatic

  • Electric

  • Chain feeding

  • China,Hebei

  • Ordinary type

  • New

  • Optional

  • Provided

  • 1 Year

  • 60pcs/min


BYM1224 Printing die cutting machine with slotting knife



1.Feeding unit


This machine adopts chain feeding system, equipped with side gauge make sure feeding paper accurately.

Abrasion resistance materials as the support of the bottom of chains, fast running, low noise .

Main motor placed under the feed table.

Equipped with block paper steel bar to ensure the easy feeding of the bend cardboard.

Feeding error ±1.5mm.

2.Printing unit


  • Printing roller, paper feeding roller, pressure roller, all the surfaces grinding, hard chromium plating.

  • Adopt planet style electrical adjustment of 360 degrees whatever operating and stopping, quickly and accurately.

  • Electrical separate printing unit and slotting unit ,pneumatic locking up of printing units.

  • Inking roller can be detached from printing plate automatically to avoid damage the printing plate Inking roller equipped idling running device to prevent ink from being dried when machine stop.

  • Pneumatic lifting and down the anilox roller, auto ink distributing.

  • With Pneumatic diaphragm pump to supply ink.

  • Main transmission gears are made by 45#steel after high frequency quenching.

  • Drive part adopts spray lubricating system, improve the precision and serve life of machine.

  • Main shafts connect with gear used no-key connect(ring feder), so keep shaft running stably.

  • Transmission part adopts automatic spray lubrication system, improve machine use time and precision.

  • All gears adopt cross slide head to perform no gap adjustment, printing accurately.

  • Manual adjustment of the printing roll axial position 10mm.

  • Printing precision±0.5 mm(when the paper board is plane and smooth).

  • Auto count device properly controls production volume.

  • Adopt VFD motor can control speed of feeding.

3.Die cutting unit with slotting knife


  • Automatic compensation device for linear speed of rubber cushion roller to prolong the service life of superior adhesive.

  • Automatic lateral movement of cushion roller 40 mm from left to right, prolonging the service life of superior rubber.

  • When the rubber pad is used unevenness, can open the function of the rubber roller, prolong the service life of the rubber pad.

  • Adopt high-quality rubber pad.

  • The roller is made of cast steel, with a wall thickness of 45mm.

  • Die-cutting roller for slotting (synchronous knife), when there is a common slotting box can not do die cutting.

  • Pneumatic manual or automatic control of die cutting roll, die cutting roll to lift cutting paper, stop the paper  feed to fall to avoid damage to the rubber pad.

  • Electrically adjusted phase die-cutting position.

  • With slotting knife, can make regular cartons without making wooden die,easyto adjust. Save cost.


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