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Automatic bounding machine

XL-1400Z fully automatic bounding machine,combined with foreign advanced technology,using domestic and foregin first-class brand accessories,to achieve high stability,high speed,high automation as the goal,truly enable users to achieve high efficiency,energy saving and labor saving.A complete set of the machine is cnnected to any domestic brand of automatic box sticking machine,automatic nail box machine,the whole machine adjustmen using touch screen control,PLC operation,simple operation,stable operation,the maximum processing speed up to 17 packs per minute,solve the problem of restricting the speed of the carton back road binding and packing,not only save 1-2operators,but also Can further improve the automatic box gluing machine,stitching machine speed,really improve the efficiency.
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  • 380V

封面 (2)


1.speed fast ,if matching printing gluing linkage line, if 10 cartons one pack, printing machine speed can reach to 180 per minute, if 20 cartons one pack, printing machine speed can reach to 360 per minute.

2.quick change order,adjustment takes about 1-2 minutes, the operation is simple and convenient.

3.high degree of automation,adjustment calculation using PLC 、encoder, input numbers, one-click adjustment.

4.save electricity ,total power 2.2 KW. Operating power 1KW


1.conveyor unit ,the connecting of the box gluing machine, stitching machine and packing machine, play the role of buffer, inspection, connection.

2.Patting unit, pat the carton length direction, and ensure that the carton neatly and smoothly into the packing unit.

3.packing unit, achieve the function of carton packing, and the width of the carton pat, compaction, complete the packing task.

Packing parameters


Main using parameters

Bounding speed 18unit/min
Consumables 28#PEtape
Voltage 380V
Air pressure 0.6Mp
Compressor 0.9m3
Total power 2.6KW
Running power 1.5KW
Dimension 500cm*260cm*190cm
Bounding style
Parallel Double tape


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