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Auto Folder Gluer and Stitcher Machine with Auto PP strapping Machine

  • 2600

  • xinglong

  • Automatic

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  • China,Hebei

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  • 1 Year

  • Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine

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Auto Folder Gluer and Stitcher Machine


 Introduction to the Machine 

1. Automatic folder gluer and stitcher machine, which is composed of four parts: feeding paper part, folding gluing part, stitching gluing pressing part, counting and stacking part

2. Digital display speed regulation, microcomputer set size of carton, with simple, fast, reliable and accurate control mode, automatic feeding paper, automatic glue coating folding, automatic counting, automatic stacking output.

3. Average gluing speed 150 sheets / min, maximum speed 220 sheets / min,stitching speed 50 -70 sheets / min. Efficient energy conservation and environmental protection is our highest pursuit.

4. The whole machine electrical equipment refers to the European standard, in line with the concept of safe and reliable work, easy operation and maintenance design and production.

5. Using color touch man-machine interface and Delta main control PLC control, easy to operate, strong humanization, touch man-machine interface and main control PLC are reserved on the program upgrade interface, convenient for later equipment upgrade use

6. The whole machine active motor frequency conversion speed regulation, using Delta brand frequency converter, the speed is stable, environmental protection and energy saving (about 30% of electricity saving), and the motor is fully protected (when the voltage is too high or too low, when the motor overheat or current is too high, the frequency converter automatically alarm and stop moving, the corresponding alarm code shows)

7. Chint brand Contactors are used for all the contactors used to control the motor, and thermal overload relays are installed to protect the motor when the motor load is too heavy

8. All parts of the machine connection wires are connected by air plug-in, easy to disassemble and maintain.

9. The front and back of the machine are installed with operation buttons, the main function in the front and back of the machine can be operated in both places, and the operation button panel selected stainless steel plate, beautiful and generous, the panel using graphics and text at the same time to explain the button convenient use function, easy to understand.

10. The second revision of the carton creaser makes the origami position more accurate, so that the carton does not break, crease beautiful.

Secondary correction section: eliminate the scissors , higher qualified rate

 Main parameters 

Model QS-2600

Gluing Stitching

Max.sheet size(A+B)*2(mm)

Min.sheet size(A+B)*2(mm) 420 680
Max. Carton length A (mm) 780

Min. Carton length A (mm)

130 210

Max.carton width B (mm)


Min.carton width B(mm)

80 170

Max.sheet height(C+D+C)(mm)


Min.sheet height(C+D+C)(mm)

170 300
Max.C(mm) 430



Max.height D(mm)


Min.height D(mm)


Carton tongue width E (mm)


Nail distance (mm)




Nail No.


Wire size

Width 1.85 * thickness 0.75
Total power

Nail speed(time/min)

Dimension (mm) Length 1500mm width 3500height 1800mm
Machine weight (T)


Working air pressure

Installation size Length 1500mm width 3500height 1800mm

Working voltage

220/380/440v or customized

2-3 workers

  • Feeding unit


1. Pneumatic side racket device (operating side), can set the frequency of the racket paper on the screen.

2. The drive shaft is attached to the friction clutch to avoid misoperation and damage to the machine.

3. The active motor activates the automatic protection device.

4. All steel quality, more stable, smooth side U mouth, no front mouth, to avoid damage to personnel.

5. The delivery system is controlled by 8 full adsorption belts, and the paper delivery is more accurate, more stable, more durable, to maximize the long-term normal use of the machine.

6. Manual adjust the wind to control the vacuum flow and pressure to match the cardboard size.

7. The air volume can be adjusted to control the vacuum air flow and pressure to match the cardboard size

8. From the front positioning, reduce the paper delivery error, improve the accuracy of the paper delivery

9. The left and right baffle positions are electrically controlled, which can be directly input parameters on the screen to complete the positioning.

10. Electric control before and after, speed up the setting speed.

11. The gap of the front baffle board is manually adjusted, convenient and fast.

12. Can be continuous or skip paper feeding.

  • Folding gluing unit


1. This fold is composed of 70mm bottom synchronous band and 60mm wide duct belt.

2. The left and right sides complete the second folding line 180 degrees and the fourth folding line 180 degrees completely bonded.

3. The left and right guide wheels are adjusted according to different positions to smooth the folding box, and the lower bearing supports the guide belt to operate correctly.

  • Stitching gluing pressing unit


1. The corrected carton is sent to the nail box by four flat wheels, which can be adjusted by themselves according to the thickness of the cardboard.

2. The nailing part can be double nailing and single nailing high speed nose. Under the servo and brake and electric eye drive, the nailing speed exceeds 600 nails / minute, which is directly related to the spacing between the nails.

3. When the nail box is switched to the paste box, the nail head will automatically lift, the speed of the nail box part will cooperate with the host, and the whole machine can move left and right sideways.

  • Stacker unit


1. Automatic counting, photoelectric + infrared point control

2. Automatic stacking, faster, more accurate, more efficient.

Auto PP strapping machine


  • The strapping machine consists of three units. paper conveyer and steering unit,gather align unit and no-man power strapping unit. 

  • This strapping assembly line is a fully automatic strapping assembly line with the integration of machinery, electricity and gas. 

  • Working environment: the relative humidity is less than or equal to 90%, the temperature is 0-40 degrees Celsius, and the noise is less than or equal to 75 dB (A);

  • The bandwidth is 5 mm(standard)  0r  9 mm (optionally); the tape reel specification: the inner diameter of the paper core with the ring is 200-210 mm, the outer diameter of the belt ring is 400-450 mm, and the band width is 175-190 mm;

  • Bonding method: hot fusion;

  • The bonding mode: the bottom is adhered, the bonding surface is more than or equal to 90 percent, the deviation of the bonding position is less than or equal to 2 millimeters

  • Fast packing speed: PLC control, stable performance, compact packing time, faster.

Technical Parameter

Max package size
1200mm*1200mm*400mm  (L*W*H)
Belt size Width:5mm  Thickness:0.5-0.55mm
Speed 9-18 units/min
Machine weight 2000kgs
Dimensions 2100*5040*1670mm
Transportation speed 0-50m/min
Air source pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
Bundling tightness 0-45Kg




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