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some of our machines

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single-facer-line微信图片_201806181640166 - 副本微信图片_201906071124541corrugated-cardboard-single-facer-machine微信图片_2019052610180711paper-cutt (1)微信图片_201907040958327微信图片_2019070409583217微信图片_201907021052312微信图片_201907040958321微信图片_201905070921286_副本Fully-automatic-high-speed-corrugated-cardboard-flexo微信图片_201807251501575flexo-printing-slotting-rotary-die-cutting-machineAutomatic-three-colours-carton-box-printing-machine

xinglong machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in producing various kinds of corrugated paperboard and carton making machines ,such as corrugated cardboard production line,highand middle speed printing slotting die cutting folding gluing strapping linkage line and other carton box single machines.we have 30 year history in china and 10 year import and export trade experence ,has gotten good repulations from many clients all over the world.

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