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auto carton folder gluer stitcher stitching folding gluing machine

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auto carton folder gluer stitcher stitching folding gluing machine

Automatic folder gluer and stitcher machine, which is composed of four parts: feeding paper part, folding gluing part, stitching gluing pressing part, counting and stacking part, digital display speed regulation, microcomputer set size of carton, with simple, fast, reliable and accurate control mode, automatic feeding paper, automatic glue coating folding, automatic counting, automatic stacking output, average gluing speed 150 sheets / min, maximum speed 220 sheets / min,stitching speed 50 sheets / min. Efficient energy conservation and environmental protection is our highest pursuit. 

The whole machine electrical equipment refers to the European standard, in line with the concept of safe and reliable work, easy operation and maintenance design and production. Using color touch man-machine interface and Panasonic main control PLC control, easy to operate, strong humanization, touch man-machine interface and main control PLC are reserved on the program upgrade interface, convenient for later equipment upgrade use. The whole machine active motor frequency conversion speed regulation, using China Jiale brand frequency converter, the speed is stable, environmental protection and energy saving (about 30% of electricity saving), and the motor is fully protected (when the voltage is too high or too low, when the motor overheat or current is too high, the frequency converter automatically alarm and stop moving, the corresponding alarm code shows)  Siemens AC Contactors are used for all the contactors used to control the motor, and thermal overload relays are installed to protect the motor when the motor load is too heavy. All parts of the machine connection wires are connected by air plug-in, easy to disassemble and maintain. The front and back of the machine are installed with operation buttons, the main function in the front and back of the machine can be operated in both places, and the operation button panel selected stainless steel plate, beautiful and generous, the panel using graphics and text at the same time to explain the button convenient use function, easy to understand.


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