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Production Technology of corrugated Paperboard

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The technological innovation of corrugated cardboard can fully show the needs and competitiveness of certain industries, constantly develop and develop new technological methods and methods, package and popularize according to certain ways and processes. Corrugated cardboard technology innovation and customer market trends:

1, corrugated cardboard is the driving force for the development of carton industry. Corrugated cardboard technology innovation can fully demonstrate the important role in the carton machinery industry, the way and principle of the instrument for production and use. Industry experts believe: corrugated cardboard consumption in China is unitary, only do cartons, and do not change for decades, in recent years, some enterprises began to use cardboard to make products outside the carton. Called "cardboard continuation products." In the next few years, the key products of China's paper packaging development include: lightweight, high strength, low weight, multi-function, to meet the needs of a series of packaging using high-strength paper; Development of high-grade carton products, with emphasis on multi-color corrugated cartons; development of honeycomb products, pulp molded packaging new technology and new products to gradually replace wood products packaging, replacing foam plastics. The continuous research on the technology innovation and development of corrugated cardboard has always been the driving force for the research and continuous development of the carton machinery industry. Therefore, we should actively develop new materials, new products and new technologies in this respect. Abandon traditional processing Packaging mode, seek new packing service way, is a big new subject.

2. Circular economy is a kind of economic growth mode, which takes resource efficient utilization and recycling utilization as the core, low consumption, low emission and high efficiency as the basic characteristics, and accords with the concept of sustainable development. The implementation of circular economy in packaging industry will be composed of four main links: the reduction of packaging materials, the cleanliness of packaging production, the recycling of packaging resources and the efficient recycling of packaging wastes, and the establishment of an economical corrugated cardboard packaging enterprise. Circular economy has become the main mode of development in China, including packaging industry and various industries.

Continuous production Technology of corrugated Board (Box) So far, the whole process is to constantly introduce the new phase-out process, to produce and develop according to a certain production scale and mode, to continuously introduce new production technology and mode, and to show good performance advantages in the industry. The production and processing of corrugated cardboard is carried out by a certain way of production and technology. The corrugated cardboard produced has good product performance and value and can have good product value and contribution in different industries. With the continuous development of the whole corrugated cardboard industry and the continuous progress of science and technology, the backward production technology and the inefficient production line of corrugated cardboard have been gradually eliminated and replaced by the production line of corrugated cardboard (box). It is an advanced production line with high efficiency and multi-production capacity, which lays a solid technological foundation for the development of corrugated cardboard (box) industry following the trend of the times and close to the market demand.

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